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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, it is. The country is very cheap, its people are exceptionally friendly, the transport options are plentiful (if a little slow) and limited English is widely spoken. Unsurprisingly, travel is easiest in the most visited areas of Bali, Lombok and, to an extent, in Java. In Bali almost everybody speaks a fair amount of English and travel is the easiest in the archipelago. At the opposite end of the scale, travelling in the more remote parts of the country, such as Maluku and Papua, is significantly more difficult, but potentially more rewarding for the seasoned traveler.

Mainly, Indonesia is a safe country. Although violent crime is rare, in some of the tourist areas pickpocketing and small scale scams are a fairly common occurrence. If you use your common sense and keep an eye on your belongings when in crowds you should avoid any of these problems.

Plenty of women travel in Indonesia by themselves or with others and experience few problems. However, as a western female you will receive extra attention from the Indonesian men. This attention sometimes takes the form of being sincerely complemented by waiters, tour guides etc. but can also be less desirable in the form of horn-honking, wolf-whistling and shouts. The best ways to avoid, (or at least lessen), this attention is to dress conservatively and/or consider travelling around with a male companion.

Northern Indonesia has an equatorial climate meaning it is mainly warm and wet. Temperatures in the lower areas average about 28ºC/82ºF. As the island are volcanic, large areas are well above sea level and are correspondingly a couple of degrees cooler. In the south of the archipelago (Java, Bali, Lombok, Flores etc.) temperatures are similar but precipitation is less. On the beach island destinations it is almost always sunny and hot. The sun rises around 6am and sets quite rapidly around 6pm.

Indonesia has three different time zones. These are as follows: Western Indonesian Time = GMT+7 (Java, Sumatra, West and Central Kalimantan) Central Indonesian Time = GMT+8 (Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, South and East Kalimantan) Eastern Indonesian Time = GMT+9 (Papua and Maluku) Indonesia has no daylight savings time adjustments (due to its equatorial position), but remember to adjust for your own countries adjustments in the summer months.

Depending on which area of the country you visit, the wet season runs from about October to April. However, in many areas it is often very difficult to tell the difference between the two seasons and your travel may be unaffected. If you were wanting to visit some of the more remote islands in the wet season, you may find it very difficult or impossible. Storms off the islands can be pretty violent and so boats do not run.

In the dry season this is not an issue. The peak tourist season runs from early July to mid-September and again around the Christmas and New Year period. In the more touristy areas (mainly Bali), rooms can be fully booked around these times so you may need to book ahead. Visiting in the dry season will mean better weather and more facilities/transports, but it will be more crowded. 

The rainy season is fairly minor in its impact (in most the country). If it does rain, it tends to be in a tropical downpour and then be dry and sunny for the rest of the day. In some areas of the country (e.g. Nusa Tenggara), the wet season is more pronounced and it has been known for rain storms to last for days! This is a rarity however, and for the majority of the country the rainy season is fairly un-noticeable and should affect you very little.

Checkout time is generally at 12 noon. Most accommodations  will charge a surcharge of up to 50% for checkouts between noon and 6 pm. After this time, you will have to pay the full cost of the room for the night.

All you need is a passport and your flight’s tickets.

Indonesia has a free 30-Day visa-on-arrival system (tourist visa). If you would like to stay more than 30 days, then you will need to pay $35 at the airport when you arrive at the airport for the option to extend with an Indonesian agent for up to 60-days. Important note: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or else Indonesia will NOT allow you into the country and your airline will NOT let you on the plane. Make sure your passport is renewed before you travel to Indonesia.

You can get your extendable VOA also when you arrive at the airport in Bali. The VOA Payment Counter queue will be directly in front of you before the main queue when you land in Bali at the airport. You will need to cue in the first line to process your VOA payment of $35, and then cue in the second immigration processing line for passport inspection and to obtain an immigration entry stamp. If you desire to stay in Indonesia for longer than 30 days, it is strongly recommended that you take the $35.00 VOA. The free 30 day VOA is NOT extendable

It isn’t mandatory, but we highly encourage you to do so. Airlines regularly alter their schedules or change their flight numbers. We make every attempt to contact you when there is a change. However there are rare occasions when we are not correctly notified by the airlines that a change has occurred. Reconfirmation helps to detect a problem before you arrive at the airport. We recommend that you contact and check with the airline directly 24-72 hours prior to departure.

It varies on the airline and the destination. It is always best to check directly with the airline on their website. Standard requirements are usually two pieces of checked baggage, one carry-on bag and one personal item such as a purse, briefcase or laptop computer. 

Nowadays, the airlines have been strictly enforcing the 50 lbs. weight limit. If your bag exceeds 50 lbs, the airlines reserve the right to charge a fee for overweight luggage. The fees vary by airline but usually begin with a charge of $25.00 or more each direction.

Please pack and plan accordingly. If your vacation entails traveling on a tour via motor coach, certain luggage limitations may also apply. *Boat Travel Blue Water Express ferries between Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands permit two pieces of baggage per person and the combined weight of both pieces must be no more than 55lbs (25kg). Main baggage is stored in a separate compartment on the boat. You are also permitted one small piece of hand baggage per person.

You can help avoid vacation stress by arriving at most airports at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 120 minutes prior for International flights.

You should always keep ticket receipts, tour documents, and identification with you at all times. Never pack necessary daily medication in checked baggage; pack it in your carry-on. We also recommend that you carry a change of clothing and toiletries.

You are not allowed weapons or sharp weapons like objects. It is recommended that sharp cuticle scissors be placed in your checked luggage. Butane type cigarette lighters, matches, flammable liquids, fireworks, household items such as bleach, drain cleaners and other toxic chemicals are not allowed and will be confiscated. It is always good practice to check with applicable carriers for specific details.

Travel Protection plans are available and recommended to help protect you and your trip investment. Travel Protection Policies offered by most major travel insurance providers include benefits such as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more.

With us, you get exceptional personal assistance before, during, and after your vacation. Budget is important and we strive to get your dream vacation within the budget you’ve set for it. There’s no pressure to go above and beyond what you’re comfortable with. You can’t enjoy your vacation when you’re stressed out about paying for it. We provide honest advice about all resorts and destinations to help you choose the perfect trip for you.

You also benefit from our extensive personal connections which carry a certain gravitas when needing anything addressed. We also arm you with your own personal +62 878 6227 4396 call number to call and reach us if you need something while you’re away. You won’t get that from a travel site.

The deposit requirements are set by the resorts and the third parties we book through. Deposit rates vary based on the resort or package you select, and the time you are traveling. Most vacation packages require that you pay the balance 45 days prior to your arrival

Yes, in most places tipping is expected.

At your welcome meeting, ask your guide about the local custom and advice on how much is recommended at restaurants or with local guides. At the end of your trip, if you’re happy with the service you received, providing a tip for the guide – though not compulsory – is appropriate. While it may not be customary to you, it’s of great significance to the people who will take care of you during your travels.

We accept payment through any credit cards either by Visa or Master Card, and PayPal with an additional transaction fee. 

We are also accept payment by e-wallet i.e. GoPay, Dana, OVO and QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard)

You will get full refund if there is force majeure or any trip that cancel because of bad weather or not enough traveler (group tours) .

For any cancellation made from your side, please refer to our terms and conditions


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