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About Us

My name is MAde wahyudi. Owner and Co. founder of Explorcation Indonesia
Who We ARE

Our journey began back on 2006 in Pantai Street, Kuta – Bali. A young guy named Made Wahyudi decided to built his own Tour Desk or Tourist Information called Bali E-Tour. Inspired by his experiences working in one of the biggest tour desks in Kuta. Start with small kind of hut situated beside on Pantai Kuta’s sideways, we sell all of bucket list tours and activities to all tourist that passing by.

After few years, we change our name into Explorcation Indonesia and it legally registered under name PT. Explore Vacation Indonesia. The word Explorcation itself derives from 2 words of explore and vacation.

We aim to invite our clients to EXPLORE Indonesia with us and create a beautiful memory during their VACATION.  In order to achieve that, we are committed to limit our daily operational tours to make sure we can pay more attention to every one of our guests. We are not aiming to get thousands of guests every day. We are also not profit-driven company who can handle mass-tourists number daily. We would rather have one happy client with extraordinary experience of our service rather than hundreds of “just normal” tour every day.


After we gain consistency in tourism industry and served number of clients from all over the world, we eager to expand our business and start to explore the other islands of Indonesia such as Lombok Island, Flores and Komodo National Park.

We set to create most innovative and exciting tours to bring our clients close to and blend with local people to experience something new but interested during their holiday.

Talking about Indonesia, we are considering our self still young compare to the others but we move into next stage, gain more knowledge and connections to become even more consistent, better-organized and more innovative
Our team on the field is local people who born, live, and love their beautiful island. With their expertise and knowledge of their island we sure they will bring a memorable holiday. Our travel designer team always committed to give the best, providing personalized services while implementing comprehensive local knowledge and full attention to detail to meets and even exceed client’s expectation because we are Travel Expert.